The Unique Beauty of Travertine

Travertine is a natural stone material made primarily of calcite. It is a sedimentary limestone that is used for monuments, exterior wall facings, flooring, outdoor furnishings, and many other applications. It was used in ancient times and is still used today. The material is ideal for all climate conditions. It does have cavities throughout the structure, known as a vacuolar structures, so tiles are filled with plaster for easier cleaning and maintenance.


The calcite is white in color but ground impurities and gases provide a wide range of colors. Yellow, red, and walnut colors are a few examples. Finishes available include honed, polished, and split-faced. Tumbled and sandblasted finishes are used when making cobbles for walkways or garden decorations. A special water and oil repelling product should be added to the surface once installed. It will leave a residue that will have to be removed when it dries.

The most common finish used for home and office flooring is polished because people prefer a high gloss shine. Travertine tiles are typically used for flooring and walls, which means there is grouting involved. When the grout gets dirty, the flooring will look dingy. Travertine Cleaning Tampa can be completed by experienced professionals at affordable pricing. It is a wise idea due to the fact that harsh or acidic detergents can actually dissolve the stone.

Heavy traffic areas will require more frequent cleaning and Travertine Polishing Tampa to maintain that shine. Tiles can be waterproofed with sealants to avoid surface damage. The surface will scratch if furniture or heavy objects are dragged across it. In that case, Tampa Travertine Restoration can be done to repair the damage and restore the original appearance.

Other Services Offered

In addition to the cleaning, polishing, and Travertine Restoration Tampa, services for all flooring surfaces are offered to residential and business customers. Complete services are available for carpets, ceramic tiles, wood, marble, and vinyl floors. Area rugs are also cleaned, steamed, and restored. Any type of flooring can be cleaned, polished, or restored so contact professionals before considering ripping up the old floor and installing a new one.

Another flooring option is VCT flooring, which is a vinyl composition tile. This flooring is low maintenance overall, but does require special initial care about one week after it is installed. The way it is first cleaned and polished will make a difference on the durability, shine, and stain resistance. Which ever flooring material is selected, keeping it cleaned and polished will ensure a great look and a long-lasting flooring system.


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